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Empowering Grassroots Football and Enhancing Global Competitions through Innovative Technology

Dribl, an Australian-based leading provider of football technology solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with CONIFA, the Confederation of Independent Football Associations. This strategic alliance marks a significant step forward for Dribl, helping CONIFA streamline operations for their global football competitions, promoting efficiency and providing a dynamic platform for community and fan engagement.

Supporting True Grassroots and International Partnership

CONIFA, renowned for its dedication to the joy of playing international football, supports representatives of football teams from nations, de-facto nations, regions, minority peoples, and sports isolated territories. This global acting non-profit organisation is committed to enhancing global relations and fostering international understanding through football.

Enhancing the Football Experience for All

Dribl’s cutting-edge technology will enable CONIFA to streamline the administration of its global competitions, ensuring efficient and effective management. The partnership will introduce a centralised system that simplifies operations, facilitates better fan engagement through the Dribl app, and ultimately enhances the overall football experience for all participants and fans.

A Platform for Everyone, Everywhere

"By partnering with CONIFA, we are taking a forward step in truly supporting grassroots football," said Rob Georgievski, CEO at Dribl. "Our technology is designed to be accessible to everyone, everywhere, ensuring that the joy of football can be shared by all. We are excited to help CONIFA grow and reach more people, providing a seamless and engaging experience for football communities worldwide."

Commitment to High Ethical Standards and Global Unity

CONIFA stands out as the world's leading organisation for people, nations, and sportingly isolated regions with a commitment to high ethical standards and global unity. This partnership with Dribl aligns perfectly with CONIFA’s mission to contribute to the enhancement of global relations and international understanding through the universal language of football.

Introducing the CONIFA Match Centre

In collaboration with Dribl, we are proud to introduce the official CONIFA Match Centre for the upcoming CONIFA Women World Football Cup 2024 Tournament. This innovative feature will provide fans and participants with real-time updates, comprehensive data, and an engaging user experience, further enriching the connection between the sport and its global audience.

About Dribl

Dribl is a pioneering football technology company, dedicated to revolutionising the management and enjoyment of football. Through innovative solutions and a commitment to inclusivity, Dribl aims to bring the best of football technology to grassroots and professional levels alike.


The Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA) is the global football federation for all associations outside FIFA. It supports international football teams from nations, de-facto nations, regions, minority peoples, and sports isolated territories, promoting the joy of playing international football and contributing to global peace and understanding.

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